Can I use the web app without any login / sign-in prompt?

Yes, you can use the access_token query string parameter to specify the OAuth token when opening the web app with an URL of this format:{{oauth_token}}

Replacing the mustache variable {{oauth_token}} with the actual OAuth token. For example:

You can still use the hash parameters as you normally would to deep link into particular searches like:;


Normally, it's best to allow the browser to use the standard cookied login. After the initial login, you won't be prompted for login again in the same browser for 30 days.

However, if you have an application, like a central monitoring station, that manages the credentials of each staff operator separate from any standard SSO or OAuth authentication service, then the access_token parameter enables you to provide the OAuth token obtained via some other authorization workflow when opening the web app.

NOTE: the access_token parameter signs you in immediately and you remain signed-in until you use a different OAuth token to switch accounts or until you sign out.

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