Can I upload automatically only when an Event matches a query condition?

Yes, when you specify the Auto-upload Query Filter, only the Events that match that query are uploaded automatically.

  1. Expand the advanced options on the Boxes page at:


  2. Enter the Auto-upload Query Filter and press the Save button:

  3. Alternatively, use Change Box settings to apply the Auto-upload Query Filter to all streams of the Box:


The corresponding API field is named event_auto_upload_query_filter and can be supplied in the CSV import as well.

The query can use the schedule operator to specify complex recurring schedules.

See the related advanced article How can I minimize false negatives when using Auto-upload Query Filter.


NOTE: This Auto-upload Query Filter replaces the prior Schedule. Also, the ARM-based small Box doesn't have the ability to filter based on human or vehicle, so please don't include those query terms in the filters of the smaller Box.

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    Bilaluddin Mohammed

    Carter / John a quick question :
    human or vehicle 8pm PDT to 8am PDT -> this rule is applicable for all the days right, but we have different scenario here on weekdays this rule can be applicable but we have full day monitoring on weekend so what we can do for weekend.?
    so can this rule be differentiate between weekdays and weekends if yes please let us know how.?

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    Carter Maslan

    This will soon support the RRULE calendar schedule in the query (the same way it works with the current recording schedule We will remove the recording schedule and replace it with the auto-upload query filter. So in September, your auto-upload query filter can be:
    "human vehicle 10pm to 6am weekdays, all-day weekends"

    Edited by Carter Maslan