Can I upload automatically only when an Event matches a query condition?

Yes, when you specify the Auto-upload Query Filter, only the Events that match that query are uploaded automatically.

The preferred way to specify the filter is via CSV import field event_auto_upload_query_filter. But the example below shows screenshots from the Boxes page.

  1. Expand the advanced options on the Boxes page at:


  2. Enter the Auto-upload Query Filter and press the Save button:

  3. Alternatively, use Change Box settings to apply the Auto-upload Query Filter to all streams of the Box:


The corresponding API field is named event_auto_upload_query_filter and can be supplied in the CSV import as well.

The query can use the schedule operator to specify complex recurring schedules.

See the related advanced article How can I minimize false negatives when using Auto-upload Query Filter.


NOTE: This Auto-upload Query Filter replaces the prior Schedule. Also, the ARM-based small Box doesn't have the ability to filter based on human or vehicle, so please don't include those query terms in the filters of the smaller Box.

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