How can I compare Camio to alternatives?

The best way is to run a side-by-side (SxS) test on the same cameras over a 24-hour period. Here are some best practices we've learned in the process of assisting with evaluations:

  1. Connect 3-10 representative streams using Box VM
    Make sure that those exact same streams are still recorded by your existing NVR/VMS for SxS comparison of the motion analysis during the exact same period of time.

  2. Replicate zones
    Ensure that any zone masks on the NVR/VMS are replicated as negative zones and any special areas of interest are replicated as regular zones.

  3. Give thumbs up/down in the web app
    You'll likely want to rate results in the Camio web app before downloading them to a  CSV file just because it's easier to review quickly while browsing rather than opening each link of the worksheet. The worksheet in step 5 below is good for correlating the exported CSV results with the Events generated by your NVR/VMS. 
    1. Rate the Top results first for a single camera. For example, if rating Cam1, then first review only these query results:
      Cam1 human vehicle 10pm to 6am
    2. Rate All results for that same camera by using a query like this to fetch the continuous video history spanning the same period of time:
      Cam1 all 10pm to 6am tag:box
      Note the use of tag:box to force the retrieval of all unimportant Events that may not have been auto-uploaded. That ensures the base comparison covers the whole period.
    3. give thumbs up to real motion Events, where something that wasn't part of the scene really did move (even if it was an animal).
    4. give thumbs down to false positive Events triggered by movement that's really just part of the scene (e.g. tree or rain).
    5. If evaluating human, vehicle, other accuracy, use the Label tool:

  4. Export search results to CSV
    For an exhaustive SxS comparison, export all Events to a CSV file so that you have a complete timeline that can be correlated with the Events identified by your NVR/VMS over the same period.

  5. Compare to your NVR/VMS
    Use this Camio vs. Alternative Quality Rating Worksheet TEMPLATE for your SxS comparison. Import your CSV at cell A4, then add your NVR/VMS ratings in the blue columns to get an automatically calculated comparison.

Please contact us if we can help with your evaluation.

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