Can I download search results as a CSV file?

Yes, the CSV file is helpful when you're comparing the quality of Camio's results to competitive alternatives.

Exporting to CSV

The CSV file includes the probabilities assigned human, vehicle, and other along with the importance ranking of the Event. Each row also includes the elapsed_sec time of the Event and a link to view it. To download the CSV file associated with your fetched search results:

  1. Search with any query and scroll to fetch all the results that you'd like to download. Only the results that you've retrieved in your browser will be included in the downloaded CSV.

  2. Press Download CSV in the Query Actions section of the Search Panel (visible after clicking in the Search Box):

  3. Open the zip file downloaded in your browser.

The probabilities of each label are on a scale from 0 to 1. For example, a "vehicle" label with probability 0.825 means that there was an 82.5% probability that the moving object was a vehicle.

CSV Column Descriptions

The colum names ending in "_irl" (for In-Real-Life) have values only when someone has confirmed labels or used the thumbs up/down buttons in the web app to rate the quality while browsing search results.

Column Description
earliest_date The starting timestamp of the Event.
lastest_date The ending timestamp of the Event.


The number of seconds between the start and end of the Event in clock time, regardless of whether the video files have a longer duration. i.e. this is the elapsed time during with there was significant motion in the video.
duration_sec The playback time of the video itself. This varies with segmentation boundaries and timelapse encoding. For example, when there is no significant motion, Camio creates timelapse video that may play an 8-minute clock-time period in only 1 minute of video.
user The account owner email address.
camera The name of the camera
link The URL to view the Event
human The probability 0 to 1 that the Event includes a moving person.
vehicle The probability 0 to 1 that the Event includes a moving vehicle.
other The probability 0 to 1 that the moving object is something other than human or vehicle.
importance 0 for unimportant and 1 for important.
human_irl The In-Real-Life (IRL) human judgement of whether a person was moving in the Event.
vehicle_irl The IRL human judgement of whether a vehicle was moving in the Event.
other_irl The IRL human judgement of whether something other than a person or vehicle was moving in the Event.
importance_irl The IRL human judgement of whether the Event was important. 0 is equivalent to the thumbs-down vote and 1 is equivalent to the thumbs-up vote.


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