Can I enable remote administration of the Camio Box rack server?

Yes, the DELL Precision 7920 and R740 servers come with an "Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller" (iDRAC) that allows for remote administration.

This interface is not generally used as the Camio Box is shipped preconfigured and all interaction with the device should be done through the Camio website (

However, if a scenario arises that requires remote administration of the system, connect the iDRAC port on the back of the server to a switch with an ethernet cable. This would allow the iDRAC subsystem to obtain an IP-address that is separate from the host operating system. This enables the access controller interface via this IP-address from another device on the local network.


Above - the iDRAC interface is brought up by connecting the iDRAC NIC to a switch via a standard ethernet cable. The LED on the far left side of the back of the Precision 7920 server will turn blue when this interface is activated.

Obtaining the iDRAC IP Address

This video shows the steps to display the IP address associated with the iDRAC if you don't know it via the iDRAC's MAC:


Learn more about the Ethernet ports used by Camio.

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