How do I set up the Camio Box 1510A?

These instructions refer to the back of the Camio Box 1510A.

eno1 is the primary NIC in red.

enp2s0 is the secondary NIC in white.



Power Supply

The power supply is connected via the "DC IN" port on the back of the device, to the right of the two network interface ports. 


NIC1 (eno1) is red on the left; NIC2 (enp2s0) is white on the right.

The 1510A device comes with dual NICs, these are categorized as "primary" and "secondary" interfaces.

The primary interface is on the left, closest to the display ports (the red ethernet cable is attached to the primary NIC in the above photo).

The secondary NIC is to the right of that, closest to the "DC IN" power port (the white ethernet cable is attached to the secondary NIC in the above photo). Connect the primary NIC to your WAN and the secondary NIC to your camera LAN via standard Ethernet (Cat6) cables.


Once the power and ethernet connections are made, your Camio Box is ready to be registered at:





Note on prior version of 1510A


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