Which cameras work with Camio? And what are the ideal video encoding settings?

All Standard Cameras/NVRs

Since Camio relies only on H.264 RTSP video streams, nearly all cameras and NVRs work with Camio. The recommended video encoding settings below strike the best balance in visual quality, motion detection and bandwidth/storage savings. 

Recommended Video Encoding Settings

  1. H.264 encoding
    Camio requires H.264 video encoding. This is the most widely used codec and enables universal playback in all browsers. (see also: Camio Interest-based Video Compression)
  2. VBR
    Variable bitrate (VBR) is better than constant bitrate (CBR), because the video encoder provides better motion information.
  3. VBR <= 2,048 kbps
    Though most any bitrate works with Camio, 1024 to 2048 kbps is usually ideal for the best combination of video clarity and bandwidth efficiency.
  4. 15 FPS
    The analysis is best with at least 15 Frames Per Second. Camio still functions at frame rates as low as 7 FPS.
  5. 2+ seconds between I-Frames
    Read more about keyframe_interval and I-Frames to ensure that I-Frames are no closer than 2 second apart.
  6. 10 PPF for human detection
    For human detection, the resolution of the camera should provide at least 10 Pixels Per Foot on target. Camio works with any resolution camera, so it doesn't matter whether it's an old D1 (480p) or a new 8MP (4K) camera as long as there are sufficient pixels on target.

Known Issues

  1. Axis Zipstream removes much of the video needed for the AI to properly analyze the stream, so this and any other smart codecs should be disabled.
  2. Hikvision NVR's have "Encrypt Stream" on by default, and this should be turned off.


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