How can I limit the network scan IP range when my subnet is very large?

By default, Camio Box looks for all cameras on the same local subnet. However, if your LAN has a very large subnet (e.g. netmask, CIDR /16) then it's impractical to scan. Instead, you can use the LAN IP Range Scan Utility to request the list of MACs and IPs within a specific range of IP addresses accessible from a particular network interface.

LAN IP Range Scan Utility

This utility requires Can Manage permission.

  1. Open and add the device_id of your Box.
  2. Enter the ip_start and ip_stop address range you'd like to scan.
  3. Press Run to request that scan results, which will show the exact command executed by Box to product the results.
  4. Press the Refresh button about 30 seconds later to see the results.


The results of the scan will like like this example:

network interface:  eth0
Interface: eth0, datalink type: EN10MB (Ethernet)
Starting arp-scan 1.8.1 with 100 hosts (	70:3a:cb:cc:f6:f3	(Unknown)	d0:52:a8:00:33:90	(Unknown)	70:3a:cb:cc:ca:bc	(Unknown)	74:c2:46:41:24:86	(Unknown)	70:3a:cb:cc:c9:7d	(Unknown)	f4:f5:d8:d9:80:96	(Unknown)	28:bd:89:18:d9:df	(Unknown)	00:e0:4c:52:a5:39	REALTEK SEMICONDUCTOR CORP.	6c:4a:85:53:d6:35	(Unknown)	00:0e:58:e1:b0:a0	Sonos, Inc.	60:32:b1:74:ef:03	(Unknown)	8c:85:90:49:32:33	(Unknown)	f8:da:0c:42:b0:51	(Unknown)	00:0e:58:7d:24:60	Sonos, Inc.	7c:dd:90:ce:57:53	Shenzhen Ogemray Technology Co., Ltd.	c4:42:02:a5:3a:4d	(Unknown)	00:0e:58:7d:23:46	Sonos, Inc. (DUP: 1)	c4:42:02:a5:3a:4d	(Unknown) (DUP: 2)

18 packets received by filter, 0 packets dropped by kernel
Ending arp-scan 1.8.1: 100 hosts scanned in 1.116 seconds (89.61 hosts/sec). 18 responded


Optional Parameters

The ip_start, ip_stop, and interface are all optional parameters. If they're omitted, then the default interface is used to scan the entire subnet.

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