How do I use the dewarped streams from fisheye or multi-sensor cameras?

Most fisheye (e.g. 360, 180 degree views) and multi-sensor cameras support serving multiple dewarped video streams as distinct RTSP streams. That is, you don't have to use Camio Universal Dewarping because the camera itself provides the dewarped stream.

When importing your cameras, just include the stream identifier in the RTSP URL. For example, if you have an Axis 360 with stream values 1 through 4, your import might look like this:

name stream rtsp_path mac_address local_camera_id labels
Lobby-TL 1 /axis-media/media.amp?camera={{stream}} b8:a4:4f:3f:84:93 B8A44F3F8493.1 Lobby
Lobby-TR 2 /axis-media/media.amp?camera={{stream}} b8:a4:4f:3f:84:93 B8A44F3F8493.2 Lobby
Lobby-BR 3 /axis-media/media.amp?camera={{stream}} b8:a4:4f:3f:84:93 B8A44F3F8493.3 Lobby
Lobby-BL 4 /axis-media/media.amp?camera={{stream}}





The convention shown above to suffix the camera names with TL (Top Left), TR (Top Right), etc... and then add a label that covers them all as a group is just one approach. You can give the cameras any name at all, since each is a distinct video stream to Camio. No need to use labels either. The key parts are:

  1. mac_address is the same for all 4 streams because they all come from the same camera NIC.
  2. local_camera_id must be unique, so append the stream id to make it unique in combo with MAC.
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