What does a private-labeled site powered by Camio include?

When you set up a custom domain powered by Camio, the team delivers:

  1. DNS mapping of either your subdomain (e.g. video.acme.com) or naked domain (e.g. acme.com) to the web app powered by Camio.

  2. SSL certificates for your site (e.g. video.acme.com) that are automatically renewed and managed inclusive of Perfect Forward Secrecy key rotation.

  3. Customized email templates that you can modify as you'd like.

  4. Custom CSS styling via your preferred overrides of CSS classes, logos, and favicons. We request vector graphics (e.g. Adobe Illustrator or SVG files so that we can resize as needed).

  5. Custom footers with links to your preferred pages for contact, terms, privacy, support, etc.

  6. Data dashboards and emailed reports summarizing the user accounts and video streams using your custom domain.


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