What are the deployment options for Camio Box gateways?

The Camio Box gateway can be deployed in three ways based on your needs:

  1. Kubernetes Application
  2. Virtual Machine
  3. Appliance


Camio Flex is deployed as an application on a new or existing Kubernetes cluster. This is the best choice for users of any Kubernetes cluster management system (e.g. Tanzu, GKE, EKS, etc.). The cluster can run nodes anywhere, but typically at least the camio-video-intake Pod runs on a Node on the same LAN as the cameras for the most bandwidth-efficient local analysis of video streams. 

Virtual Machine

Camio Box VM is deployed as a Virtual Machine on hosts like VMware ESXi. This is the best choice when you're not yet using Kubernetes but have VM hosting management in place (e.g. vSphere, Openstack, VirtualBox).


The Camio Box 1775R, 1732R, 1530A, and 1130A serve as "raw metal" appliances that also include automatic updates and patching. This is the best choice when you have no other hardware available that can run one of the virtualized workloads above.



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