How can I use a static IP address for a camera?

You can enter the camera's static IP address in RTSP Path under the advanced options section.

  1. Open your page.
  2. Click advanced options to expand the section with RTSP Path.
  3. Replace {{ip_address}} with the static IP address of the camera. For example, if your camera's static IP address were, then replace the RTSP Path value
    • rtsp://{{username}}:{{password}}@{{ip_address}}:{{port}}
      with this value:
    • rtsp://{{username}}:{{password}}@{{port}}

Normally, Camio Box automatically tracks the IP address of the camera any time it changes. Whenever the camera goes missing, Camio Box scans the local network to find the new IP address that has been assigned to the known MAC address of the camera. However, if your camera is on a subnet different than the one used by Camio Box, then you need to enter the specific IP address of the camera.

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