How do I reset my Camio Box to factory settings?

It is easy to reset your Camio Box to factory settings.

Items Needed:

  1. Camio Box
  2. USB Flash Drive
  3. A way of putting files onto the flash drive

What does a reset do?

A factory reset will cause the Camio Box to:

  1. Revert to the original source code the device came with.
  2. Reset all networking settings back to their defaults. (Will revert to DHCP if on static-IP)

Resetting your device to factory settings will not unregister the device from your account, nor will it remove information on the cameras it has detected on the network and connected to.

How do I reset my Camio Box?

  1. Take your USB flash drive and insert it into a computer.
  2. Make a blank text file called "reset".
  3. Put the file called "reset" into the root folder of the flash drive.
  4. Turn off your Camio Box.
  5. Insert the flash drive into one of the USB ports on your Camio Box.
  6. Turn on your Camio Box.
  7. Wait 2 minutes for the reset to complete.
  8. Power off, then re-power your Camio Box.

The device will now have reverted to factory settings. 

Why would I want to reset to factory settings?

This is an advanced feature that most users will never have to use. The purpose of the factory-reset is to recover a Box that is unable to communicate to our servers. This could occur if:

  1. A Box loses power during a firmware upgrade.
  2. A user messes up the network settings for their Box, taking it offline.


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