Can I use host names in the RTSP Server fields?

Yes, you can use host name instead of IP address in the RTSP Server field for each camera.

The RTSP Server field normally has a template placeholder for {{ip_address}}, and Camio Box automatically correlates the MAC address of the camera with DHCP-assigned IP address of the camera to complete a template similar to this one:

You can instead replace the {{ip_address}} placeholder with a specific host name associated with the camera, as in this example where the camera is at
When to use host names instead of {{ip_address}}
If your Camio Box and cameras aren't on the same local subnet, then Camio Box isn't able to scan the local network to find the latest IP address associated with your camera's MAC address. So you can either replace {{ip_address}} with a static IP address or with a host name.
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