Can I force Camio to ignore motion in specific zones?

Yes! It is common for there to be areas in your video stream that often contain motion but rarely contain anything that you care about. An example of this is a camera that shows both a driveway and a street. You would want to know about motion in the driveway but don't care about the cars that regularly drive by on the street. Wouldn't it be nice if we could ignore areas we don't care about?

Good news! The 'negative zones' feature allows you tell Camio to ignore all motion in any areas you choose. This ignore-motion label is important because timespans without motion are converted into compressed time-lapses. These time-lapses save on bandwidth while maintaining 24/7 video coverage.

Making a Negative Zone

First, make sure you know how to draw a zone with Camio.

Next, if you know in advance that all motion activity contained completely within a particular region of the scene is never interesting enough to record in HD, you can label that region as a “negative zone.” Just prefix the zone name with a minus sign (‘-’ character) like this “-street” example:


Now, Camio will ignore any motion that occurs strictly inside of the '-street' zone. This means that any activity strictly within the bounds of the negative zone will not show up on your Top-ranked Events and will not trigger motion alerts. 

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