Rules of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy (90-day retention)

From Idaho State Board of Pharmacy Pharmacy Code & Administrative Rules

24.36.01 – Rules of the Idaho State Board of Pharmacy

302. DRUG OUTLETS THAT DISPENSE DRUGS TO PATIENTS WITHOUT AN ONSITE PHARMACIST OR PRESCRIBER. A drug outlet that dispenses drugs to patients in Idaho that does not have a pharmacist or prescriber onsite to perform or supervise pharmacy operations must comply with the following requirements: (3-20-20)T 01. Security and Access. (3-20-20)T a. Maintain video surveillance with an adequate number of views of the full facility and retain a high quality recording for a minimum of ninety (90) days. (3-20-20)T b. Utilize proper identification controls of individuals accessing the restricted drug storage area to ensure access is limited, authorized, and regularly monitored. (3-20-20)T 02. Technology. The video and audio communication system used to counsel and interact with each patient or patient’s caregiver, must be clear, secure, and HIPAA-compliant. (3-20-20)T

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