How do I optimize bandwidth usage?

Review cameras with high activity to reduce your bandwidth usage. Adjusting the camera’s position, training, and zone setup creates significant savings.

Identify the high-usage cameras

  1. Open your Dashboard at
  2. Find cameras with a high number of Events analyzed.
  3. Click on an hour in which a high-usage camera produced a lot of Events to see what was happening.

Remediate with repositioning, training or zones

  1. Use Negative Zones to mask known-boring regions of the scene with irrelevant Events like passing traffic.
  2. Train the camera with a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the Events that are important and not-important.
  3. Reposition the orientation of the camera to exclude irrelevant Events.


p.s. - the data shown on the Dashboard is also available for use in spreadsheets and applications via the Camio API

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