How do I reduce costs and bandwidth usage?

Review cameras with high activity to reduce your subscription costs and bandwidth usage. Adjusting the camera’s position, training, and zone setup creates significant savings.

Identify the high-usage cameras

  1. Open your Dashboard at
  2. Find cameras with a high number of Events analyzed.
  3. Click on an hour in which a high-usage camera produced a lot of Events to see what was happening.

Remediate with repositioning, training or zones

  1. Use Negative Zones to mask known-boring regions of the scene with irrelevant Events like passing traffic.
  2. Train the camera with a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down on the Events that are important and not-important.
  3. Reposition the orientation of the camera to exclude irrelevant Events.


p.s. - the data shown on the Dashboard is also available for use in spreadsheets and applications via the Camio API

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