How do I create subscription plans?

You must first have a Stripe Connect account with an OAuth connection to the Camio platform in order to create your own Subscription Plans. See the article "How do I connect Camio to my Stripe account?".

  1. Open your Stripe Dashboard at

  2. Choose Subscriptions and Plans

  3. Create the Plan using the Stripe UI or API. Remember, you cannot change the price of a Plan after it has been created, so contact Camio to review any questions about pricing prior to creating the Plan.

  4. Specify the camio_plan_metadata_id in the Plan metadata that describes the service level and price of the Plan.

Metadata key/value descriptions

The camio_plan_metadata_id value can be shared across multiple Plans. These are the additional Stripe Plan metadata key/value pairs that are specific to each individual Plan.

key example value description
labels test,prod,hide Required comma-separated list of labels used to reference this Plan. Only Plans with the label "prod" appear by default on the page, so adding the label "prod" has the effect of publishing the Plan for all users. However, users see any plan to which they've previously subscribed unless you add the label "hide", which is a way to deprecate a plan that you no longer offer.

NOTE: If you're manually entering the keys and values above, then please be careful not to include any spaces before or after keys or values. Stripe doesn't trim spaces from your entries!

You can send users links to specific plans by including the ids of the plans in the #plans= hash of the /account page like,pro. If you want specific plans to appear by default only for particular users, then see the article "Can I offer particular subscriptions plans only to specific customers?"

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