Camio User Guide for Kisi: Tailgating detection and real-time video search

This Camio User Guide covers:

  1. Overview of Camio with Kisi
  2. Set up Camera Grids
  3. Enter Kisi Settings
  4. Mapping Cameras to Kisi Locks
  5. Enabling Tailgating Notifications
  6. Kisi Setup for Camio
  7. Camio Labels

Overview of Camio with Kisi

Fast visual verification and tailgating detection

Camio enables fast search and alerts on events like tailgating, door unlocked, door forced open, door held open.  Read more at

Camio counts the number of people that pass through the door to compare that number to the actual number of Kisi unlock events. If those counts don't match, then the video is annotated with "tailgating" unauthorized access. This video illustrates tailgating detection as the floor plane tiles turn red when the second person enters after only one access granted event:

Works with existing cameras

Setup takes less than 15 minutes. Each camera is mapped to the Kisi lock so that events from those locks annotate the video from that camera.

Set up Camera Grids

For cameras on which you would like Camio to perform tailgating detection you will need to define a floor plane grid as illustrated in the above video. Read more about ideal grid and camera setup for tailgating here.

Enter Kisi Settings

To begin using the Camio-Kisi integration, first fill out the Kisi settings on the Kisi integration settings page. Make sure to hit save after entering your settings.


The following Kisi settings are required for all Camio-Kisi integrations:

The following Kisi settings are optional (but recommended):

  • Kisi API token
    • Required to enable the following features:
      • Fetching Kisi locks to display in the dropdown on the Kisi integration settings page
      • Sending tailgating notifications to tailgaters (Kisi API token is required to look up the tailgater's email address)
      • Create Camio Integration button which will automatically add the Camio integration to the user's Kisi organization
    • You can create a Kisi API token in your Kisi account settings

Mapping Cameras to Kisi Locks

The first step is to associate your Kisi locks with any cameras that can see the doors controlled by those locks.


Make sure to click Save after setting your camera mapping.

Note: If no devices display in the dropdown, make sure you have entered you Kisi API token and hit Save. You may need to refresh the page after entering your Kisi API token for the first time. You can also enter lock IDs manually if preferred. 

Enabling Tailgating Notifications

Optionally, enable Camio to send notifications via email when a tailgating incident occurs. Set up tailgating alerts by setting a tailgating email template.


You can customize the template or select Use Default to use the default template. Read more about setting up tailgating alerts here.

Kisi Setup for Camio

If you've entered your Kisi API token on the Kisi settings page, you can click the Create Camio Integration button to automatically add the Camio integration to your Kisi organization. Find the created integration under your organization's integrations:

If you want to create the integration manually, go to the link above and add a new Event Webhook integration. Set the webhook url to https://incoming.integrations.camio/kisi/events and add the following event types:

  • lock.forced_open
  • lock.held_open
  • lock.unlock

You can also add any other lock events and Camio will annotate your videos when those events occur. Tailgating analysis will only be run on forced open, held open, and unlock events. 

The created integration should look like this:


Camio Labels

Camio maps the following Kisi events to Camio labels. You can use the sample search queries to search for these Kisi events on the app page.

Kisi Event Camio Labels Sample Search Queries



"forced open"
"entry forced open"
"door forced open"

lock.held_open entry.ajar.started

"ajar started"

"entry ajar"

"entry ajar started"


"door held open"








"entry unlocked" 

Additionally, Camio will perform tailgating analysis on these events. Simply search for "tailgating".

Access control events can also be displayed on videos when viewing them using the Pan Zoom viewer.


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