Camio Description of Services

The exact services provided by Camio are determined by you and your Camio Certified Partner based on your particular needs. This is a general description suitable for inclusion in purchase orders and evaluation agreements.


Common Services

The Camio video analysis pipeline reduces false motion alerts using adaptive motion filters, ranks the importance of events using continuous machine learning, and labels events for real-time search using zone intersections, color-blocking, direction of movement, and object classification. These analyses drive both bandwidth and storage efficiencies while enabling search and alerts like [people approaching loading dock between 2am and 6am].


Each video stream has its own Neural Nets that isolate the significant moving objects in the scene as distinct from the general pixel motion detection included in the camera's video encoding. The importance of those moving objects is then determined by another layer of AI that considers which zones were intersected, the direction of movement, the type of object and its relative importance as learned from comparison with similar events in the past. The salient portions of the event are then highlighted via representative thumbnail images. The final stage of analysis includes Convolutional Neural Net  classification of the most salient moving objects. The labels from each stage of the analysis are indexed for fast search and alerts. The multi-stage video processing pipeline is also open and extensible to include any other optional services required.

Standard Plan

The Standard Plan includes everything described in the Common Services above with:

  1. 30-day cloud video history retention of all uploaded Events in encrypted storage.
  2. Continually updated human and vehicle classifiers.
  3. Auto-upload of all Events containing humans or vehicles.
  4. On-demand upload of arbitrary Events within specified time ranges (e.g. 2am to 3am yesterday) in support of forensic investigations outside of human and vehicles.
  5. 24x7 continuous video history buffered on Camio Box gateway(s).
  6. Health monitoring and dashboard for all streams to detect camera, LAN and WAN problems.

Unauthorized Access Detection

The Unauthorized Access Detection add-on includes these additional services for Physical Access Control integration:

  1. Automatic tailgating detection triggered by access control events.
  2. Automatic detection of inbound people on door held open and door forced open events.
  3. Customized email templates for email triggered by unauthorized access incidents.
  4. Dashboard with tailgating rates over time.

Occupancy Insights

The Occupancy Insights add-on includes these additional services:

  1. Occupancy Sampling for periodic counts of objects like people and vehicles in particular zones.
  2. Virtual Turnstiles for precise counts of people and vehicles passing through threshold areas.
  3. Dashboards and data that can be synchronized with BigQuery for SQL-level reporting tools.




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