Tailgating Alerts for Gym Owners and Managers

Pinned Query Alert

Any Guest on the account can get an alert anytime tailgating is detected by using the standard pinned query approach.

  1. Pin tailgating as the query

  2. Choose via Email for notifications at https://camio.com/settings/notifications
  3. Tailgating searches and alerts can be combined with any camera or group name to limit the search to a specific location or door such as "tailgating Miami door" where "Miami door" is the name of the camera.

Getting alerts only during certain hours

Let's say you only want to receive tailgating alerts when your facility is closed (after hours). Here's an example of some searches (click to view the search results in Camio):

Sending tailgating notices to members after review

The email template configured under your access control integration settings can be sent manually after reviewing an Event by clicking the email icon in the bottom right side of the screen.


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