Edge, Hybrid, and Cloud Deployments

The most common deployment mode is Cloud, where all video and metadata is uploaded to the cloud immediately.

However, when projects have severe bandwidth restrictions or cost constraints, Edge and Hybrid are two alternative deployment modes.



All video and metadata is uploaded to the cloud immediately. This is the default.



Only metadata (which includes scrubbable thumbnails and cover images) is uploaded to the cloud immediately.

The video remains on premise until requested by an end user's click on a particular Event to play the video. It usually takes about 8 seconds for the video to play for the first time. Hybrid is typically 10% less expensive than Cloud, since only a portion of videos are played.



Nothing is uploaded to the cloud immediately. Only upon an end user's date range forensic search (e.g. 9pm to 9:30pm) does the metadata and video get uploaded to the cloud.

The upload of metadata has higher priority than video in the upload queue so that end users can quickly review Event summaries even before playing the video. Typical latency in uploading Events is 500 milliseconds per Event, and results are available incrementally as they are uploaded. For example, a request for 1,000 Events typically takes about 9 minutes to complete. Edge is typically 75% less than cloud, since only 1/4 of Events are reviewed forensically.

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