How do I get alerts?


Search-based Alerts

Alerts are just persistent searches that keep looking for new Events that match your pinned queries. The alerts include the timestamp of the matching Event in the query (regardless of whether the query includes the schedule operator) so that the link opens the specific Event that triggered the alert.

Pin a query

To get alerts only when an event matches a specific query, just pin the query.

  1. Perform a search like "people approaching walkway" so that the query is in the search history dropdown, then
  2. Pin the query in your search history shown when you click inside the search box.

As an example, if I want to get alerts when a car approaches my driveway, I can do a search for “car approaching driveway”:


Once I've used that query to search, it's in my search history:


I then pin the query by pressing the thumbtack icon, which turns black:


Example alerts for 'tailgating'

Click the pin after performing the search;q=tailgating 



The vertical pin means that you'll receive alerts any time there's a new tailgating incident:


To turn alerts off without unpinning your queries, see How do I turn alerts on/off. 

See What type of Events can be detected automatically for Alerts?


Pinned Queries with schedule: operator

When your pinned query includes the schedule: operator, the alert link omits that schedule from the query so that the triggering Event is the first item in the search result. For example, when people enter the scene at 5:11pm with a pinned query "people schedule: 5pm to 6pm", the alert link replaces the schedule: portion with the timestamp of the Event like this for the exact 5:11pm Event shown in the Slack message:;q=people+2022-06-02T17%3A11%3A39.081-0700



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