How can I see event patterns as a chart or graph?

If you're a retailer, for example, that wants to see daily patterns in the frequency of people approaching your front entrance, you can

  1. search [people approaching entrance] and then click the chart icon in the lower left of your desktop browser:

    As you scroll to fetch additional search results, the chart expands the x-axis time range to be inclusive of all the search results. 

  2. To zoom-in into a particular time span, click-and-drag from the earliest time to the latest time. For example drag from 5am to 8pm:

    To zoom-out, click once to return to the timeline that's inclusive of all fetched search results.

  3. When your search includes multiple query terms, you'll see multiple charts to convey the frequency of each distinct term as in [west people cars]:

NOTE: The frequency charts work with any search that's specific enough to be plotted on a single screen. So if you have have many cameras, you may need to include only one or two cameras in the search.

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