How can I share the latest live image publicly?

Sometimes, you want to share the latest live image from a single camera with another website or user via a link. For example, some people share their view of outside weather conditions as part of a personal weather station.

Sharing the latest live image

To share the latest live image from one particular camera with anyone that has the link:

  1. Open in your desktop browser and select the camera you want to share.

  2. At the bottom of the large live image, click Create a public link to this camera. In this example, we're sharing the "Office (Reception)" camera:

  3. Copy the link. Anyone with this link can get the latest live image from this camera:

You can also view or delete the links you've created on the Saved Links page:


For example, this is the latest live image from the outside mailbox area of the Camio office building:


Additional options and information


To can also resize the image by including parameters for width and height by using the w and h parameters like &w=320&h=180:

File Download

Some sites (like require that the image URL trigger the download of a file. In those cases, you can add &fn=date to the URL to trigger the download of a filename based on the current date/time like this:

Also note the superfluous "/file.jpg" added to the URL solely to satisfy wunderground's form validation requirements that look for a jpeg filename in the URL.



When using this link with a free Basic Account, there is a chance of an occasional 404 Not Found until the camera resumes uploading the latest live images. Unlike the Plus Account, which continually records motion-detected video, the Basic Account camera uploads only upon request for live viewing so there may be a 10-second delay.

WARNING: Anyone with the link can view the latest live image. So to be conservative from a privacy perspective, it's best to consider the camera totally public even though you may have only shared the link with particular people.

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