How do Camio support diagnose camera problems if they cannot see my video?

Regarding security and privacy, this article explains that Camio is designed so that no one can see your video but you, unless you choose to share it explicitly. 

So that begs the question: How do support engineers diagnose and resolve my camera problems if they cannot see my video?

The short answer: Text-based server logs enable engineers to determine whether the camera is connected and functioning correctly. No video/image content is accessible to anyone but you.

The long answer: Devices on the Internet talk with Web servers by sending messages to them. When the Web server receives a request, it takes an action and responds to the device that made the request. Camio logs these requests for about 24 hours so that operations teams can detect and resolve errors and monitor overall system performance.

For example, when you contact and ask "why isn't there anything recorded from 6am to 1pm today?", there are many possible reasons:

  1. there was no motion detected at all,
  2. the WiFi network failed,
  3. recording was not ON for the camera,
  4. a live streaming session had interrupted recording,
  5. power was disconnected,
  6. etc...

To diagnose the problem, support engineers can review server log entries like this one:

[23/Sep/2015:23:29:17 -0700] "POST /api/users/me/cameras/front/content/2015-09-24T06:29:16.575-0000?camera_id=1234567890&img_type=h&upload_mode=video HTTP/1.1" 200 721 - "CamioCam/3.11 (Android/4.4.2 LGE KOT49I.LS740ZV6 Build/80) Dalvik/1.6.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.4.2; LGLS740 Build/KOT49I.LS740ZV6)"

And they determine from the timestamp, "img_type=h", and "200" response code that the camera was indeed uploading heartbeat images in the absence of any motion detected during that time.



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