Why is there a time gap in my recorded video?

Camio records 24x7 continuous video history while dynamically choosing between the original full resolution video and low resolution timelapse video. If there is a short gap in your recorded video, then it might have been caused by a problem that forced Box to restart a camera stream, process, or the Box itself. Though these restarts are intended to be infrequent and short (e.g. when you change the stream settings like username and password for the camera), the restarts can be a symptom of a misconfigured video stream, network connection problem, or overloaded Box.

To check whether your Box is restarting itself, or restarting individual streams, too frequently:

  1. Open your camio.com/boxes page and click the disclosure triangle to see box_process_uptime (the processes that handle video streams) and system_uptime (the Box itself):
    The box_process_uptime should be the elapsed time since you last changed a video stream setting, added a stream, or turned a stream on/off. The system_uptime changes only after re-powering or rebooting the Box.

  2. Next, check the stream recording_uptime by clicking stream stats of the specific camera:

If the recording_uptime is shorter than expected (based on the last time you made a change), then there are two common problems to check:

  1. is the bitrate of your video stream too high?
    For most Internet connections, we recommend <= 2 Mbps (2048 kbps)
  2. is the Box handling too many video streams?
    See the article on determining how many streams a Box can handle.
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