How do I correct the features and service levels of a Plan?

Refresh the metadata
Run this command to refresh a user's subscription with the latest Plan information prior to the normal refresh that's triggered by the subscription renewal or update:

curl -H "Authorization: token YOUROAUTHTOKEN" -X DELETE "https://YOURSERVERNAME/api/plans/subscribed/cached/?"

IMPORTANT: You must use your own server name rather than, because the server name of the API request determines the Stripe account used to lookup the value you've specified for the Stripe metdata key camio_plan_metadata_id.

The features and service levels of each subscription are determined by the camio_plan_metadata_id that you created with the /api/plans/metadata API. So if there's a mistake in that metadata discovered *after* a user has subscribed to a Plan , then the command above forces Camio to refetch the corrected metadata immediately.

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