How can I add a camera that can't be found via network scan?

Use the Add Camera (expert mode) button at the bottom of your Boxes page.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your Boxes page and press Add Camera (expert mode)

  2. Choose the Camera make and model (or leave as Unknown Generic):

  3. Enter its MAC address so that it can be identified on your network:
  4. Enter the camera name, username, and password along with any other fields as you normally would for automatically recognized cameras and press Save or toggle to ON:

  5. Enter the Static IP address
    Assuming that the reason for using this "Add Camera (expert mode) is that Box was unable to find your device by its MAC, and therefore can't determine its IP address, enter a Static IP or hostname for this camera or NVR channel.


Manually adding a camera using this expert mode is required only when:

  1. the camera or NVR isn't on the same subnet as the Box.
  2. your network subnet mask allows for a very large number of possible devices such that the network scan would take too long.
    • e.g. a subnet mask of means there are 16,777,214 possible devices vs. the conventional that means only 254 possible devices.
  3. your camera or NVR isn't yet recognized automatically by its MAC's OUI (the first 6 characters of the MAC) on this list.

Also, see how to import cameras from a CSV file.


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