Camio third party service providers

To improve our products and services, sometimes we’ll share your information with trusted third parties. Their services can help us safely store your data, observe different analytics, and help us transfer payments. To learn more, you can check out our Privacy Policy.

We have agreements with these third parties to help us make sure that your information is kept as secure as possible. For example, when we transfer your information outside the European Union, we make sure additional measures are in place to protect your data — like EU-­US Privacy Shield (PS) and Standard Contractual Clauses (SCC) — in addition to all the necessary privacy and security protections required by law.

Partner Purpose Region Transfer Mechanism
Advertising Partners Measurement
App installations
Cloud Storage Providers Data storage US PS & SCC
Customer Support Providers Customer support
Account verification
Password recovery
Data Analytics Providers Data analytics US PS & SCC
Data Management Providers Machine learning and algorithms US PS & SCC
Logistics Providers Shipping products US SCC
Maps Providers Search and display by location US SCC
Marketing Partners Email marketing US SCC
Measurement Partners Mobile measurement
Pixel tracking
Payment Providers Payment services US PS
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