Can I record in the cloud only at scheduled times of the day?

Yes, you can associate a schedule with each camera stream. Specify the schedule as a string time range like "9pm to 6am weekdays, 7pm to 7am weekends". The schedule represents the period during which you want Events to be uploaded to the cloud automatically and immediately (vs. only upon request).

NOTE: the schedules of each video stream cannot overlap with the schedules of other streams connected via the same Box. This temporary limitation will be removed in September 2019.

Single Schedule

For example, to record every day only at night from 9pm to 6am, you enter this on the page:


The time zone of your browser is used to interpret the time you enter. If the people setting the recording schedule work from multiple time zones, then be sure to include the timezone offset specification in the text as in this example:

9pm-0700 to 6am-0700

You can also qualify the day of the week on which the schedule applies like this:

9pm to 6am Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

which is the same as this:

9pm to 6am weekdays


Multiple Schedules

The Schedule may contain multiple schedules separated by commas. The subsequent schedules override the preceding schedules; so the last one specified in the comma-separated list wins in the case of overlapping conflicts. For example, let's examine the effective schedule resulting from this:

9pm to 6am weekdays, 7pm to 7am weekends

The schedule above will:

  1. record from 9pm to 6am the following morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (ending 6am Saturday);
  2. record from 7pm to 7am the following morning on Saturday and Sunday (ending 7am Monday rather than 6am);



The day of the week specified in the schedule applies to the start time of the schedule, so a schedule that spans midnight like "9am to 6am Mondays" means to start recording at 9am Monday and stop recording at 6am Tuesday.

You can abbreviate weekdays like this:

  • mo tu we th fr sa su
  • mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
  • weedays
  • weekends


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