Can I record in the cloud or search only at scheduled times of the day?

Yes, the schedule: search operator works for both the Auto-upload Query Filter and search queries. You can apply the schedule: search operator to the Box gateway and/or individual video streams with single or multiple schedules including specific days.

Single Schedule

The current time zone of your browser is used to interpret the time range unless you include the time zone in your Auto-upload Query Filter. For example, to record every day only at night from 9pm to 6am, you enter this on the page:

9pm to 6am

Be sure to include an abbreviation for the time zone if you want times adjusted automatically with transitions in Daylight Savings Time (DST). The currently supported timezone names are pacific, mountain, central, or eastern.

schedule: 9pm pacific to 6am pacific

You can also qualify the day of the week on which the schedule applies like this:

schedule: 9pm pacific to 6am pacific Mondays Tuesdays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays

which is the same as this:

schedule: 9pm pacific to 6am pacific weekdays

Also, please see the Day Abbreviations and Time Zone Abbreviations below.

Multiple Schedules

The Auto-upload Query Filter may contain multiple schedules separated by commas.

Subsequent schedules override preceding schedules

The subsequent schedules override the preceding schedules; so the last one specified in the comma-separated list wins in the case of overlapping conflicts. For example, let's examine the effective schedule resulting from this:

schedule:9pm central to 6am central weekdays,6am central to 6am central weekends

The schedule above will:

  1. record from 9pm to 6am the following morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday (ending 6am Saturday);
  2. record 24 hours daily Saturday and Sunday (ending 6am Monday);

Non-overlapping schedules are additive

When using multiple schedules, the schedules are additive - meaning that each subsequent schedule can only add additional recording time (not subtract from a preceding schedule). See precedence when overlapping.

Specific Days

To handle holiday schedules, you can reference specific days as well, as in this example that changes the hours on December 24th:

schedule:8pm to 6am,2pm to 6am Dec 24th




The day of the week specified in the schedule applies to the start time of the schedule, so a schedule that spans midnight like "9am to 6am Mondays" means to start recording at 9am Monday and stop recording at 6am Tuesday.

Day Abbreviations

You can abbreviate days of the week like this:

  • mo tu we th fr sa su
  • mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
  • weedays
  • weekends

Time Zone Abbreviations


Currently, the schedule: operator must be used at the tail end of your query unless you terminate the schedule with a semicolon. For example, these two query filters are good:
all schedule: 10pm to 6am
schedule: 10pm to 6am; all


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