What determines the price of Camio?

Camio provides the most cost-effective video surveillance by using only the bandwidth and cloud services required for each site. Instead of expensive on-premise equipment provisioned for peak capacity, Camio adapts to the scene to reduce costs without any limitations in storage capacity or features.

Pre-sales questions to determine price

Answers to the following questions determine the price. 

  1. What's the estimated hours per day of motion-triggered recorded video across all cameras?
    • This is not the total hours recorded but rather the total hours recorded with objects moving in the scene (e.g. for cameras focused solely on an entrance/exit door, an approximation would be the number of door-openings multiplied by 20 seconds it takes people to enter/exit).

  2. What's the video history retention period required?
    (base-level service includes 30-day history)

  3. How many video streams do you want to record?

  4. What's the bitrate and resolution of the video streams?
    • please include the approximate mix if it varies - e.g. 100 streams at 1080p @ 2Mbps, 50 streams at 4K @ 3Mbps, …

  5. How will the video streams be used?
    • forensic search (after-the-fact)
      • how many hours of video reviewed by a human per week?
    • alerts (real-time analysis)?
      • how many hours of video per day have real motion to analyze?

  6. Optionally, what percent (or count) of cameras require Advanced Object Labeling (AOL)?
    • The basic service already includes adaptive motion analysis, people vs. vehicle, color, importance ranking, direction of movement, face detection and zone intersections that are common needs across most every camera. AOL is the additional computation required to infer labels for objects and text, and AOL is commonly needed only on a portion of all cameras.


Service level to match price

Use the answers to create a subscription plan with service levels matched to usage (FAQ)


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