What influences the price of Camio?

Camio provides the most cost-effective video surveillance by using only the bandwidth and cloud services required for each site. Instead of expensive on-premise equipment provisioned for peak capacity, Camio adapts to the scene to reduce costs without any limitations in storage capacity or features.

Pre-sales Questions

Answers to the following questions determine the price. 

  1. Are the video streams used for forensic search (after-the-fact) or alerts (real-time analysis)?
    1. If forensic search, estimated hours of video reviewed by a human per week?
    2. Percent/count of cameras needing Advanced Object Labeling (AOL) or Optical Character Recognition (OCR)?
      (i.e. base-level service already includes adaptive motion analysis, people vs. vehicle, color, direction of movement, and zone intersection)

  2. What's the estimated hours/day of motion-triggered recorded video today across all cameras?
    (e.g. for cameras focused solely on an entrance/exit door, an approximation would be the number of door-openings multiplied by 20 seconds)

  3. What's the video history retention period required?
    (base-level service includes 30-day history)

  4. How many video streams do you want to record?

  5. What's the bitrate and resolution of the video streams?
    (please include the approximate mix if it varies - e.g. 100 streams at 1080p @ 2Mbps, 50 streams at 4K @ 3Mbps, …)


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