How do I enter dates, times, and time ranges in the Search Box?

You can enter dates and times using Natural Language like:

  • [ 8am to 9am ]
  • [ 7:32am 3 days ago ]
  • [ noon April 1st ]
  • etc...

Date/time ranges are expressed in any of these forms, where t0 is the earliest date and t1 is the latest date:

  1. t0 to t1
  2. from t0 to t1
  3. between t0 and t1
  4. t0 until t1

The intent is to enable you to speak your query easily, so if there's date-related query that's not working as you'd expect, just contact us. Some examples:

Search Box Text  Interpretation
8am 8am today in your local timezone.
8am Pacific 8am Pacific Time (America/Los_Angeles) time zone regardless of your browser's current timezone. See supported time zone names and abbreviations.
11pm Unless you're a night owl searching after 11pm in your local timezone, Camio interprets this query as 11pm yesterday. i.e. Camio interprets date/time that would be in the future as intending to reference the past.
2pm Sunday

This means the prior Sunday at 2pm. If you happen to be searching on a Sunday, and really meant today Sunday rather than the prior Sunday, you would instead enter either:
2pm today

3 days ago at 3:30pm If searching on Monday, this means the prior Friday at 3:30pm.
Monday 12am to Tuesday 12am This constrains search results to the 24-hour period of Monday.
2018-12-28T10:37:19.460-0800 Show results starting at this precise timestamp.
2018-12-28T04:00:00.000-0800 to 2018-12-28T05:00:00.000-0800 Show only the one-hour period between 4am and 5am on December 28, 2018.
4am December 28, 2018 to 5am December 28, 2018 same as above when browser's timezone offset is PDT -0800.
Sunday If you're performing this search at 12pm on Monday (the current time), then this means 12pm the prior Sunday (i.e. start at the current time of the day specified)
from 11pm Dec 24th to 6am Dec 25th Show only the Santa delivery window.
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