What are the command priority values shown for upload queues?

Box executes commands with higher priority first.

When diagnosing an upload queue using the /tools/accounts page, you'll see for example:

commands_priority_60: 1056 | commands_priority_40: 7 | commands_priority_17: 1 | commands_priority_19: 1 | commands_priority_18: 1 | commands_priority_20: 10 | commands_total: 1076 
commands_priority_80: 1 | commands_priority_81: 1 | commands_total: 2 

The priority is determined by both content type and importance.

Priority Content Type
81 Thumbnails of Important Events
80 Thumbnails of Unimportant Events
70 Optional Croppings (hi-res) for analysis in the cloud.
60 Important motion video
40 Unimportant motion video
20 Unimportant non-motion video

These priorities are adjusted by subtracting the ordinal value of the content within a particular Event so that the first video of important Events arrive first (at priority 80) even before subsequent videos in the same Event (at priority 79, 78,...).


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