What is the definition of each counter?

Critical Counters

These counters help identify configuration/setup problems that result in data loss, so they're the most critical counters to monitor and correct.

Counter Name Description


desired value: 0

The number of 12-second video segments that have been discarded even before analysis. Any number greater than zero means that the Box gateway is overloaded by having either:
a) too many streams connected to it or
b) by having too-high bitrate/resolution relative to its number of connected streams.

When the Box cannot keep up with the incoming streams, it starts discarding video segments arbitrarily.


desired value: 0

The number of Events that couldn't be uploaded and indexed before they were purged from disc on the Box gateway. Any number greater than zero means that uplink bandwidth was so severely constrained that not even the Event metadata (without movies) could be uploaded.


desired value: 0

The number of 12-second video segments that were missing from the local storage of the Box gateway at the time they were requested for upload to the cloud. Any number greater than zero means that either:
a) uplink bandwidth is insufficient to transfer the video to the cloud, or
b) the on-Box storage buffer is too small to retain the desired amount of video history for lazy retrieval (e.g. the user requested retrieval with the query [7am to 8am 10 days ago], but the Box's storage capacity retains only the 7 days before overwritten by newly arriving video)


desired value: < 2

The number of times that Box had to re-acquire a connection to the video stream after a failure in reading from it. The Box "segments" the incoming video stream into 12-second chunks as the first part of the processing pipeline. Normally, that segmentation process runs continuously without interruption. Any number greater than zero means that:
a) the camera is struggling to serve the video stream reliably, perhaps due to concurrent requests for the same stream by other NVRs or VMS clients, or
b) the local network is unstable and unable to server the video stream reliably on the local network.

The restart is very fast (less than 1 second), so a small number of restarts upon network "glitches" is OK.


desired value: 0


A camera stream has gone into an offline state. See also error codes


Counters with Rates

The following charts include a rate line to help track trends over time.

Chart Title

Counter Name & Link

Rate Calculation

(by counts for that hour or day)

mask vs. no mask


mask + no mask

impinging vs. not impinging



impinging + not impinging

tailgating vs. entry unlocked



entry unlocked


Counters by Domain

The following counters span across accounts of the same domain. You can access domain wide counters for your domain and the domain of any account you have "Can Manage" permission for. The domain being viewed is the domain of the user in the url parameter, or the current user's domain if no user parameter is provided. 

Note: If you do not have "Can Manage" permission for the account you pass as the user parameter, you cannot view the dashboard even if your account is of the same domain. 


Chart Title

Counter Name & Link


event interactions


The number of times a user performed the Searched or Event Viewed interactions for each user of the given domain.


label updated count



Data relating to the domain's quick labels. Label updated count data can be viewed by any combination of user, host user, and label. Note that the labels are prefixed with _pos_ and _neg_ corresponding to labels added and labels removed. 

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