Which logical operators can I use in search queries?

NOT is the only logical operator supported.

For example, to see all Events labeled suspicious that haven't yet been labeled reviewed, use the query:

suspicious NOT reviewed

or, use the alternate symbol for the NOT operator, the minus sign immediately prefixing the term:

suspicious -reviewed

NOT criteria apply to cameras, zones, and labels. For example, if a building with 10 floors has cameras named "Elevator Floor 1", "Elevator Floor 2", etc..., then you can search for people only floors 1 through 8 with the NOT operators in this query:

people NOT Elevator Floor 9 NOT Elevator Floor 10

or, equivalently:

people -Elevator Floor 9  -Elevator Floor 10

Currently, NOT operator criteria on labels are case sensitive, and multi-word labels must be quoted.


As background, other logical operators are inferred from the combination of cameras, zones, objects, and colors to avoid having to construct queries using logical operators.

For example, if there are zones named "sidewalk" and "entrance" and a camera named "Liverpool", then the query:
people red blue approaching Liverpool sidewalk entrance
is interpreted without using logical operators as the query as:
people AND (red OR blue) AND approaching AND Liverpool AND (sidewalk OR entrance)

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