How can our SOC video wall display important Events as they happen?

For SOC staff to see highlights of the important events as they happen (displayed on video walls without touching a keyboard) Camio provides Auto-scrolling Event Streaming.

When you enabe Event Streaming for your domain, each browser window displays newly arriving Events as they happen. The new Events are appended to the bottom of the search results. Each window then scrolls to ensure the newly added Events are within view.

To start Event Streaming, make sure that the last row of results is at least partially visible in your window.

To stop Event Streaming, scroll up (earlier) at least one row so that the last (latest) row is no longer visible.

Machine Learning selects the most salient cover images for quick review. So the SOC video wall has actionable Events to review rather than empty live streams. Each window can have its own query too, so the SOC video wall can be partitioned into related groups of cameras (see camera queries).

Event Streaming maintains PubSub websocket connections to all clients to continually fetch new results as new Events arrive, so it's an add-on feature that must be enabled at the domain or account level. Contact your integrator for information.


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