When I label Croppings for training data, can any other person see those images?

No, at least not by default.

Blind Machine Learning

By default, the labeled images are used only by the blind Machine Learning pipeline. No human can view the images.

Opt-in to contribute to "Golden Sets"

If you'd like to help search quality engineers create "Golden Sets" (i.e. training datasets that are known to be perfectly labeled because they've been reviewed by humans), then you can opt-in to make specific labeled Croppings visible for that human review.

To opt-in, you toggle the eye icon to remove the strikethrough. Only those Croppings labeled subsequent to your opt-in, and prior to your opt-out, are made visible. So you can selectively toggle this opt-in/out choice even as you label Croppings within the same Event. The opt-in state is shown below circled in red.



See https://help.camio.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030597372-How-can-I-label-lots-of-images-quickly-


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