What are the meanings of the various stream "status" values?

Codes and Descriptions

Code Description Fix
100 The stream is initializing, we have started the connection attempt. Wait 12-20 seconds for a stable stream state to be reached.
200 Connected and operating normally, 'online'. N/A
400 A '400: Bad Request' was returned from the camera. Check that the RTSP-URL is valid.
400 (2) Server returned a 4XX error that we don't recognize, so it's listed as 400. Check that the RTSP-URL is valid, contact support@camio.com
401 Authentication error. Check the username and password.
404 Either the host was found and we were unable to connect to the stream, or the server returned 404. Check the RTSP-URL form, ensure that the IP-address for the camera is correct.
408 The camera connection timed out. We found the host and tried to get the stream but didn't get any data in time.   Camio requires that a keyframe is produced at least every 60 seconds, check the camera encoding settings to ensure the GOP interval is less than 60*FPS of camera. Can also be caused by vendor-specific encoding technology (like "ZipStream").
500 Internal camera error, 500 code returned.  Contact support@camio.com


When you look on your https://camio.com/boxes page you will see that each camera has a list of stream statistics.



The "status" field will contain a numeric code describing the current state of the stream. The codes are defined and described in the table at the top of this article. 

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