How can I minimize false negatives when using an Auto-upload Query Filter?

You can lower the probability threshold on human and vehicle labels to err on the side of false-positive uploads. Other query terms like camera names, zones, colors and time of day are binary yes/no matches. But the labels derived from AI classifications have a range of certainty expressed as percentage probabilities. When you lower the probability threshold, you let more Events upload automatically.

p: Search Operator

You can use the probability search operator (p:) in your Auto-upload Query Filter to specify a label's minimum probability required to trigger automatic upload of an Event. For example, if you want to upload Events at night only when there's some chance that humans or vehicles are present, you might choose very low probabilities like 40% chance there's a human and 55% chance there's a vehicle with a query like:

person p:40 vehicle p:55 9pm PDT to 5am PDT

The probability operator applies to the label immediately preceding it. The numeric value is the minimum probability score required from the AI classification to warrant automatic upload. As new models are published regularly, best probability values may change. So this feature is for advanced users only that are willing to venture into the slightly esoteric for greater control.

Only for the Auto-upload Query Filter

The p: operator is currently intended only for the Auto-upload Query Filter (aka event_auto_upload_query_filter in the API) and not for end user searches. The reason is that specification of custom probabilities bypasses the use of indexed labels. This limitation will be addressed in coming releases.


NOTE: the deprecated Camio Box 1110A doesn't support vehicle and human probabilities.



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