How can I prepare the installation prior to arriving at the customer site?

Take these steps to prepare for installation day.

  1. Make sure you can connect to the cameras.
    1. get the username and password of the cameras you're connecting.
    2. if the cameras OUI isn't already listed at RTSP Paths then contact to have it added so that setup is automated.
    3. verify your ability to open the camera's video stream with VLC.
  2. Ask the end customer to sign-in to Camio to perform these steps:
    1. copy/paste the email address they see after sign-in at
    2. add your email address as Guest with Can Manage privileges to facilitate setup
  3. Register the Box on behalf of the end customer.
    1. connect the Box to Ethernet and power and use the advanced option on the Box registration page to paste the end customer's email address into the Owner's Email field.
    2. NOTE: If the target network doesn't support DHCP assignment of IP Addresses and access to DNS server, then please collect the information required to configure the Box's network connection manually via USB stick.
  4. Create the Subscription for the end customer
    1. ask for YOURPLANID if you don't yet have one yet.
    2. if the end customer is paying Camio directly, then ask them to purchase the target number of streams using YOURPLANID with a link like:
    3. if you are instead paying on behalf of the end customer, then create the subscription with a link like:
  5. Connect the cameras and assign them to the right Plan(s)
    1. Enter the name, username and password for each camera and toggle the camera ON using the page or CSV import (for large stream counts)
    2. Choose the purchased Plan and press Save.



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