How do I search for social distancing impinging and mask events?

Camio enables search for social distancing and mask detection. While the two are closely related, they are separate elements, and camio allows individual granularity into searching these kinds of events.

In order to search for incidents of social distancing impinging, please use the following search terms based on specific requirements:


Search terms


Search URL

All impinging events
Get all the incidents where some kind of impinging event took place;q=impinging 

Long impinging events
Get only the incidents where an impinging event longer than 6 seconds took place;q=impinging_long 

Short impinging events
Get only the impinging events which were of duration less than 6 seconds;q=impinging_short

Impinging, wearing masks
impinging mask
Get the impinging events, where at least one person is wearing a mask;q=mask

Impinging, not wearing masks
impinging not masked
Get the impinging events, where both participants in an impinging are not wearing mask;q=impinging+not+masked

Impinging, where someone is not wearing a mask
impinging with no mask
Get the impinging events, where at least one person is not wearing mask;q=impinging+with+no+mask
Impinging, all wearing masks
impinging masked
Get the impinging events where everyone is wearing a mask;q=impinging+masked


Camio social distancing search and analytics make it easier to find the discrete events with impinging and mask, in order to help prevent the spread of diseases. For the latest guidelines on social distancing and best health practices, please refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines at


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