How does Camio detect tailgating without PII or biometrics?

No PII by default

Tailgating detection counts the unique number of people that pass through a doorway. If the number of people (regardless of their true identities) is greater than the count of entry.unlocked events, then Camio labels the video event "tailgating". 

Camio doesn't know the real identity behind a userId from the access control system unless you specifically request and authorize Camio to lookup the name and email address of a userId.

Here's an example of the actual data Camio receives from Openpath for its own office to show that there is no personally identifiable information.

    "data": {
        "acu": {
            "id": 3951,
            "name": "Camio ACU #1",
            "opal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:acu:3951"
        "acuId": 3951,
        "acuOpal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:acu:3951",
        "connectionType": "BLE",
        "entries": [
                "entryStateCode": "convenience",
                "id": 9543,
                "name": "Camio Main Entry",
                "opal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:entry:9543",
                "siteId": 2685,
                "zoneId": 8734
        "entryIds": [
        "entryOpals": [
        "entryStatusDetails": [
                "entryId": 9543,
                "statusDetail": "SUCCESS__ACCESS_GRANTED"
        "org": {
            "id": 2181,
            "name": "Camio",
            "opal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:org:2181"
        "orgId": 2181,
        "orgOpal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:org:2181",
        "requestId": "2520304633",
        "requestStatusDetail": "SUCCESS__ACCESS_GRANTED",
        "requestTimestamp": 1593709257,
        "requestType": "touch-two-factor",
        "siteIds": [
        "status": 200,
        "userId": 384877,
        "userOpal": "opal:prod:helium:alpha:2181:user:384877",
        "zoneIds": [
    "event": "entry.unlocked",
    "timestamp": 1593709260.9418647


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