How does the Camio team help with my evaluation / PoC?

The Camio team helps you connect up to 5 streams free of charge in less than a day using the equipment you already have.


These steps should take less than 1 hour for your on-premise point person:

  1. Complete a one-page PoV overview by making a copy of this template:
    PoV Template
  2. Collect the usernames and passwords of your IP cameras.
  3. Identify one computer, laptop or server (Windows, OS X, Linux) to host the free VM and appoint one person to download and install it:

  4. Invite as a Guest with Can Manage permissions on your account at:

Camio Team Help

With the information above, the Camio team ensures the optimal setup for your PoC evaluation criteria. The team:

  1. Connects the trial cameras to your account.

  2. Creates the optimal zone and social distancing settings and corresponding dashboards.

  3. Orients the people using Camio during the PoC in a 45-minute training session.

  4. Documents the cost savings for presentation to the exec sponsors of the PoC.


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