How do I get Alerts from Camio in Slack?

Here's how to add Camio to a Slack channel or remove Camio from a Slack channel.

Add the Camio App to Your Slack Workspace

  1. Under settings, go to the notifications page
  2. If you have not already, select the radio button next to instant notifications
  3. Click the ‘Add to Slack’ button
  4. After being redirected to Slack, choose a channel to receive alerts in




  5. Click ‘Allow’ to give the Camio app permission to post messages in your channel. You should receive a welcome message from the Camio app in your selected channel. Once you pin a query, you will begin receiving alerts in the form of messages in this channel.

What will an alert in Slack look like? 

When an event that matches one of your pinned queries occurs, Camio will send a notification to all your integrated Slack channels. This message will contain the name of your pinned query, the date and time the event occurred, and the cover image of the event. To view the event on Camio, click the hyperlinked date.


Multiple Channels or Camio Accounts

Messages are sent to your chosen channel using incoming webhooks. When you allow Slack to add the Camio app to your channel, Slack creates a webhook that is unique to the combination of authorizing Slack user ID, Slack channel ID, and date created. The Camio app then associates this webhook with the Camio user ID of the user who was signed in at the time that the ‘Add to Slack’ button was clicked. This means you can add the Camio app to as many workspaces and channels as you would like. You can even have multiple Camio accounts using the same channel to get alerts. If you do want to overwrite an existing webhook, the same user must go through the same ‘Add to Slack’ process for the same channel. Note that this overwrites the webhook that the Camio app will use (so you will not receive duplicate alerts), but does not overwrite Slack’s stored webhooks. In order to remove some or all webhooks, follow the steps below.

Control Message Retention

If you would like to set your messages from Camio to automatically expire, you can add a custom message retention period to your channel. Follow the steps here to enable this option if you are a Workspace or Org Owner. Once enabled, owners can set custom message retention in public channels and workspace members can do the same for their private channels and DMs. 



Remove the Camio app from a workspace / channel

On Slack ...

  1. If you haven't already, add the Camio App to your Apps list
  2. On the Camio app page, choose settings. This will take you to a page that lists all the Authorizations you have given the Camio app

mceclip0.png    mceclip1.png

Remove from a specific channel:

3. On the list of authorizations find the webhook you would like to remove and click the trashcan icon 

NOTE: Camio stores webhooks by channel + authorizing user combination. Remove the most recent of these webhooks to stop receiving notifications in that channel for that user.

Remove from your workspace: 

3. If you would like to remove the Camio app entirely from your workspace, scroll to the bottom of the settings page and select 'Remove App'


Re-adding Camio to a workspace is easy, simply use the 'Add to Slack' button on the Camio notifications page again.


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