Detecting and reporting tailgating with Twin Oaks gym management software

You can automatically detect and report unauthorized entries in your gym by integrating Twin Oaks and Camio. 



  1. Generate an Authorization token for your Twin Oaks software as the Administrator or Owner at:
    • Copy the token immediately after you generate it, since you will not be able to retrieve it again later.
    • Paste the token into your Twin Oaks configuration so that it is permitted to annotate your video.

  2. Optionally enter an email template if you want members to receive email alerts whenever more than one person enters the gym using their credentials.

  3. Enter the device_id of your gym membership reader next to the camera that has a view of the people entering as they check-in at that device_id's location and press Save.


In the example above, the scanner device_id "reader1" is within view of the camera Front Door.


Tailgating Review

To review each time there's a mismatch between the count of people that checked in and the count of people that passed by the camera, use the query tailgating like this:;q=tailgating


See this article on the ideal camera position to detect tailgating.


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